Understanding Scalping Of Foreign Exchange Rates

foreign exchange rates

The forex world is full of misconceptions and myths. Countless forex traders go through their entire careers without even realising that they have played with foreign exchange rates while believing in something that is not true.

Some of the most glaring and common misconceptions, however, are about scalpers or the process of scalping forex rates. For instance, purist forex traders usually do not view scalpers in a positive light because scalpers tend to take very little risk and make very little profit.

The fact that scalpers have found a way to negate risk as much as possible is a good thing. Similarly, while scalpers make very small profit for every position they open, in the long run they can earn as much if not more than other types of foreign exchange traders.

In order to not get swayed by the prevailing misconceptions, you need to make sure that you inform yourself about various aspects of the forex market and forex rates. Here are some key points to note about scalping.

Not Really Suitable for Beginners

Scalping is a way of benefitting from short term fluctuations of foreign exchange rates wherein the trader only keeps positions open for a short period of time. While the concept of scalping may seem simple, it is instead fairly complicated and requires a trader to have unique skills.

It is because of this fact that getting profits through scalping forex rates is usually not recommended for beginners. In fact, scalping is considered to be an advanced form of forex trading that only experienced traders can successfully pull off.

Timing Is Very Crucial

When it comes to scalping, timing is the most important thing. Timing is important between positions as well as during a single position. There are certain periods when the way foreign exchange rates are behaving makes it ideal for a forex trader to use scalping as a technique.

Waiting for such opportunities, recognising them, and using them appropriately is related to timing the move properly. Similarly, most forex rates positions tend to be very short term.

This means that the trader has to be very alert and keep his eyes on the FX rates so that he is able to pull out at just the right time. This is also an element of time. Effectively, when it comes to scalping forex rates timing is possibly the most important thing you need to get right.

Risk Management Principles Are Nonexistent

The main reason why traders get attracted to the process of scalping foreign exchange rates is that this process does not expose the trader’s position to a lot of risk.

This happens due to two reasons; one is that the trader’s position is not open long enough for drastic rates fluctuations to take place while the other is that the lot sizes tend to be small in most cases.

If you are genuinely interested in scalping foreign exchange rates then you need to make sure that your forex broker permits it well in advance as not all brokers allow this mode of trading.


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