Get rich quick in forex: Is it possible?


It is only since the 1990s, when it became more common for average households to have access to the internet, that forex trading became a possibility for each and every person who wanted to give it a go.

Before that it was the preserve of the institutions and operated in the old-fashioned way by those who traded using a broker and a phone line. With an internet connection it is now a wide open arena, but unfortunately, all those who enter it with high hopes of making a fortune will not come out unscathed.

It would be nice if instant wealth was just one click away, but for many who try it is far from the case. Jumping in at the deep end with no experience is a bad idea.  Forex trading, like nearly everything in life, relies on practice, hard work, trying and failing, and discipline. Nothing comes easy.

Be realistic

So it is important to accept this from the outset and not expect to get rich straightaway. After all, there are very few other skills you would instantly pick up. You wouldn’t pick up a tennis racquet and be playing in the Wimbledon finals in a matter of weeks. Those who get quickly disheartened tend to leave a trail of negative comments behind them on Forex sites and these can be off-putting to new traders.

If you read too much of the disenchanted commentary you might be put off completely. Home-based traders can turn a profit. Forex traders, unlike businesses like exchanges at airports or banks, do not have to pay those prices. They can spread the difference and this is where the benefits lie.

Forex is not gambling

Those who really do believe in the lure of getting rich quick are probably as well to pack their bags and head off to Las Vegas. Sitting down at your computer with no clear idea what you are doing is about as sensible as going to the casino and blowing a stack of hard earned cash.

Learning to trade effectively is a crucial first step in the process. A strong focus on, and commitment to, learning the ropes, is imperative. Getting broke, rather than rich, is going to be the outcome if you are not prepared.

Get rich slowly

A slowly slowly approach is a much better one than any dreams of instant gains. Learning all about risk management and capital protection is the first step. It is entirely do-able to make money but it will not happen straightaway or overnight.




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