New Currency Converter Widgets

Techno buffs always have something new to look forward to. As you’re reading this, you will begin to realise the high demand of apps. Nowadays, it’s a common sight to spot apps in the following categories: communication, photography, book reader, trending news, fashion and the like. That said, it’s only a matter of time for a currency converter app. With just an internet connection and gadget, users will be able to download the widget in a matter of few seconds. Best of all, almost all of these apps can be downloaded at no cost.

ForexMinute Offers Currency Converter Widget

Website owners and bloggers, rejoice! ForexMinute, the world’s leading forex news website has digged deep in themselves to apply more effort towards clients’ needs. Their new currency converter is aimed to help international customers and meet their requirement. As mentioned by Jonathan Millet, founder and CEO of ForexMinute, their new currency converter provides a better trading experience. Millet also assures that their customisable currency converter widget will give clients’ websites an edge over their competitors. Other than a currency converter app, ForexMinute offers a wide range of tools such as forex news widget, profit and loss calculator and complete forex brokers reviews for traders.



Kurrency deserves a nobel prize for its name. The simple currency converter app is specifically designed for iOS 7. Planned by Alex Tarrago, Kurrency is featured in ‘Best new apps’ in 30 countries. It’s not a surprise since the languages available are English, Arabic, Catalan, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. While this nifty currency converter app is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, there is a slight downfall for Android users. Kurrency is equipped with an easy layout. There are only two screens and they are none other than the main conversion screen and the auxiliary currency selection screen.


Other Currency Converter Apps for Android Users

  •  Currency Converter by Pockettools

The number of downloads(1,000,000-5,000,000) proved its effectiveness. The currency converter widget is easy to use and includes graph currency pairs over time and the latest news on each currency.

  • Currency Exchange Rates by etustudio

This currency converter widget is ad free! Other features include: built in calculator, real time currency charts, latest currency news, live rates updated every minute among others.

  • Expense Manager

The brainchild of Bishinews, this currency converter app is also suitable for managing your expenses and incomes. Payment alerts and auto fill features included.




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