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‘Stay in school!’ This really shouldn’t affect us. Still, it brings memories. Education is important and as Singaporeans, we should count ourselves tremendously fortunate to go to school and learn. The school fees aren’t cheap; we should never take them for granted. In this post, we will be focusing on youths who are interested in the forex market. Say, you graduated with credits for your GCE “O” Levels or “N” Levels. (Well done, by the way) Now, you’re scratching your head which path you should go to. ITE? Junior College? Or the Polytechnics? You’re aiming for a diploma, so you decided to go for the Polytechnic route. But gosh! There are currently five Polytechnics in Singapore. Which one should you choose to secure your career as a forex trader?

Right now, we’ll start with Singapore Polytechnic, the oldest educational instituition.

Banking & Finance (S76)

On the face of it, Banking & Finance is by far with the largest intake. Also, this is the course with the most number of graduates- which makes perfect sense. In this course, students are offered two options: banking and financial trading. Since we’re talking about forex here, it’s pretty obvious which option you should pick. This is a 3 year course. Freshman will start their school term with courses focusing on microeconomics, principles of accounting, information technology and the like. Juniors will then move on to the fundamentals of finance, securities regulations, business law and even customer relationship management. Of course, all previously mentioned are just one of the many modules for each school year. The last year will be more intense with courses like forex trading, portfolio management and technical trading.

Being a forex trader has its perks. And being a student in the forex trade has its own, too. Students will get a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to broaden their horizons. These activities help future forex traders with their strategies and planning. Students will get the chance to participate in overseas study trips, credit transfer programme and community service projects. To make things even more exciting, how about tertiary and national financial competitions? Or business strategy competitions? Diploma graduates have worked with first-rate companies such as UOB Kay Hian, CIMB Securities, DMG and Partners, DBS Vickers and many more! Even if you feel that you’re not ready for the forex market and wish to further your studies, financial instituitions involved in the financial market will greatly lend you a helping hand.




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